# latex-git-log This program will output the entire version history as table written in LaTeX if it is executed within a git repository. When file argument(s) are given, only the history that changed these file(s) will be output. It is intended that you redirect the standard output of this script to a file which can then be included from your main LaTeX document. Because the table can be very large you might want to put the thing on a landscape page. ## Dependencies ### Of this script This script requires the following Perl modules: IPC::System::Simple Locale::Maketext::Simple Everything else should already be installed. ### To compile the output The table is using the *longtable* package and the links to a web resource for each commit use the `\href` macro from *hyperref*. So these two packages have to be loaded. Furthermore you need to define the macro `\longtableendfoot` which will be expanded on the bottom of every page if the table will be continued on the next page. You can defined it to a localized message to inform the reader that this table is not complete and will be continued. ## License and development License: GPL-3.0-or-later
CTAN: https://ctan.org/pkg/latex-git-log
Source code repository: https://github.com/ypid/typesetting/tree/master/scripts/latex-git-log
Please report bugs and feature requests at https://github.com/ypid/typesetting/issues ## Usage latex-git-log [options] [file] ... Options: --author set this if you want the author included --width set the width in cm of the commit message field in the LaTeX table --git-c-add set an base URL to link to a commit --user set a github user to derive the base URL --repo set a github repository to derive the base URL --lang language of the legend and all strings in the output --version, -v print version of this script --help brief help message --man full documentation --range specify a git revision range ### Description of some options --width Set the width in cm of the commit message field in the LaTeX table. If this parameter is not set then the table is not vertically limited. That means that if you have a very long commit message then the table will probably not fit on the page and you will get a "Overfull" error message from TeX. In this case you should specify the width of the column containing the commit messages. I normally use something like --width=14 for DIN A4 in landscape. --git-c-add Set an base URL to link to a commit. This script will automatically try to use the base URL for github. --lang Set the language of the legend and all strings in the output. By default the language of your system is used but you can overwrite this with this parameter. Currently this script only supports English and German. If you need a translation to another language then you can either create a .po file or I can register this project on one of those websites for online translation. ## Bugs and limitations * The translation features does not seem to work. So this script is unable to output German. English works.