Source: etoc.dtx (v1.09c-2020/05/15) Author: Jean-Francois Burnol Author: Christine Roemer et al. (German tranlation) Info: Completely customisable TOCs License: LPPL 1.3c Copyright (C) 2012-2020 Jean-Francois Burnol. Copyright (C) 2014-2020 Christine Roemer and collaborators for the translation into German of the documentation. ABSTRACT ======== The etoc package gives to the user complete control on how the entries of the table of contents should be constituted from the *name*, *number*, and *page number* of each sectioning unit. This goes via the definition of *line styles* for each sectioning level used in the document. The package provides its own custom line styles. Simpler ones are given as examples in the documentation. The simplest usage will be to take advantage of the layout facilities of packages dealing with list environments. Regarding the *global toc display*, etoc provides pre-defined styles based on a multi-column format, with, optionally, a ruled title or framed contents. The `\tableofcontents` command may be used arbitrarily many times and it has a variant `\localtableofcontents` which prints tables of contents 'local' to the current surrounding document unit. An extension of the `\label/\ref` syntax allows to reproduce (with another layout) a local table of contents defined somewhere else in the document. Via *depth tags*, one gets an even finer control for each table of contents of which sectioning units it should, or not, display. The formatting inherited (and possibly customized by other packages) from the document class will be used when in compatibility mode. The assignment of levels to the sectioning units can be changed at any time, and etoc can thus be used in a quite general manner to create custom ''lists of'', additionally to the tables of contents related to the document sectioning units. No auxiliary file is used additionally to the standard `.toc` file. INSTALLATION ============ To extract the package (.sty) and driver (.tex) files from etoc.dtx, execute `etex etoc.dtx`. It is also possible to execute latex or pdflatex directly on etoc.dtx. To produce etoc.pdf one can run pdflatex (thrice) directly on etoc.dtx or on the file etoc.tex which was extracted from `etex etoc.dtx` step. Options can be set in etoc.tex: - scrdoc class options (paper size, font size, ...) - with or without source code, - with dvipdfmx or with latex+dvips or pdflatex. Since release 1.08h pdflatex is the default in etoc.tex (prior it was latex+dvipdfmx as it produces smaller PDFs) in order to allow inclusion via the use of package `attachfile` of about 25 code samples as file attachment annotations. Installation: etoc.sty -> TDS:tex/latex/etoc/etoc.sty etoc.dtx -> TDS:source/latex/etoc/etoc.dtx etoc.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/etoc/etoc.pdf etoc-DE.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/etoc/etoc-DE.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/etoc/ The other files may be discarded. LICENSE ======= This Work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, in its version 1.3c. This version of this license is in > and the latest version of this license is in > and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later. The Authors of this Work are: - Jean-Francois Burnol `` for the source code and English documentation, and - Christine Roemer `` and collaborators for the translation into German of the documentation. This Work consists of the main source file etoc.dtx and the derived files etoc.sty, etoc.tex, etoc-DE.tex, etoc.pdf, etoc-DE.pdf, etoc.dvi, etoc-DE.dvi. RECENT CHANGES ============== v1.09c \[2020/05/05\] --------------------- Syncs with KOMA-script deprecation of `\iftocfeature`. v1.09a, v1.09b \[2019/11/17\] ----------------------------- Sync with `memoir v3.7i` which has a better location of the TOC hyperref anchor. The `\etocaftertitlehook` can now freely be used also with memoir class (formerly its usage in case of memoir class was preempted by etoc itself). For more details refer to the section "Compatibility with the memoir class". v1.09 \[2019/03/09\] -------------------- New features: `\etoclocaltop`, `\localtableofcontentswithrelativedepth`. Thanks to Tony Roberts for feature request. Note to hackers: internal control sequence `\Etoc@localtop` is gone. etoc now requires e-TeX (`\numexpr`, `\unless`). v1.08p \[2018/07/04\] --------------------- Fixed bug surfacing in case of `linktoc=page` option of hyperref. Thanks to Denis Bitouzé for report (cf., v1.08o \[2018/06/15\] --------------------- Fixed bug showing up if an unnumbered TOC entry starts with a brace, and document uses hyperref. Caused by a typo in a macro name at previous release. v1.08n \[2018/02/23\] --------------------- Refactoring of core macros detecting `\numberline` and its variants. v1.08m \[2018/02/07\] --------------------- Fix to `1.08k`'s introduced incompatibility with KOMA-script and tocbasic's `\nonumberline`. v1.08l \[2017/10/23\] --------------------- Workaround an issue with `Emacs/AUCTeX` wrongly reporting about actually non-existent LaTeX errors, which was triggered by some strings written (indirectly) to log file by etoc under some circumstances. v1.08k \[2017/09/28\] --------------------- Adds `\etocsetlocaltop.toc`. See corresponding manual section for details. Adds `\etocsavedparttocline`, `\etocsavedchaptertocline`, `\etocsavedsectiontocline`, ... They can be used in the context of the technique explained in section "Another compatibility mode". Formerly, etoc redefined for the duration of the TOC the memoir macro `\chapternumberline` and its likes to have same meaning as `\numberline` (of course, not when executed in compatibility mode), for the sake of extraction of `\etocnumber`. New method detects presence of any `\numberline` macro without any change to originals; they can thus be used as is when applying the approach of "Another compatibility mode" section from manual. v1.08j \[2017/09/21\] --------------------- Since `1.08a-2015/03/13` `\etocname`, `\etocnumber`, `\etocpage` contain, if hyperref is present and configured for using hyperlinks in the TOC, the link destination in already expanded form. This means one can use them even if the style closes a group (for example from a `&` in a tabular), if `\etocglobaldefs` was issued; also one can save their meaning for delayed usage (with for example `\LetLtxMacro` as they are robust). But for some legacy reason `\etoclink`, contrarily to `\etocthelink`, was handled differently. Now, `\etoclink` also contains the link destination in already expanded form, and can thus be used even if the line style issues a `&`, as long as `\etocglobaldefs` is issued. Also, bugs dating back to the early days of the package, but surfacing only under relatively rare conditions such as usage of hyperref with its option "linktoc=page" got fixed. v1.08i \[2016/09/29\] --------------------- This fixes an issue dating back to `1.08e-2015/04/17`: under `\etocchecksemptiness` regime, some circumstances (such as adding to an already compiled document a `\localtableofcontents` before the main `\tableofcontents`) created an "`Undefined control sequence` `\Etoc@localtop`" error. Thanks to Denis Bitouzé for reporting the problem. On this occasion, `\etocdoesnotcheckemptiness` has been added to unset the flag. A rather more exotic issue was fixed: the emptiness check for local tocs could get confused if the `tocdepth` counter was varying in some specific ways from inside the `toc` file. After adding to a document a `\localtableofcontents`, two LaTeX passes are needed for etoc to get a chance to print the correct local contents. Formerly, etoc issued a Warning on the first pass; it now also induces LaTeX into announcing "There were undefined references", as this is nearer to the end of the log file and console output. v1.08h \[2016/09/25\] --------------------- New functioning of `\etocsetnexttocdepth`: the tocdepth counter is modified only at the time of the table of contents, not before. This fixes an issue which arose when `\etocsetnexttocdepth` was used multiple times with no intervening table of contents. Thanks to Denis Bitouzé for reporting the problem. The PDF documentation includes about 25 LaTeX code snippets also as file attachment annotations, additionally to their verbatim typesetting. The ordering of the documentation contents has been slightly re-organized. A previous documentation-only update on 2016/09/09 added a new section with the (approximate) translation into etoc lingua of the book class toc style, for easy customizability. The latest translation into German of the additions made to the documentation dates back to v1.08d \[2015/04/09\]. Thanks to Christine Römer!