# clefval Authors: Yvon Henel, aka Le TeXnicien de surface ([contact](le.texnicien.de.surface@yvon-henel.fr)) and Josselin Noirel. ## LICENCE This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c or later. See https://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt for the details of that license. © 2020 Yvon Henel (Le TeXnicien de surface) ## Description of the Package `clefval.sty` provides two macros `\TheKey` and `\TheValue` to define then use pairs of key/value and gives a semblance of hash. ### Examples provided * **example.pdf** from example.tex, English version of the following. * **exemple.pdf** from exemple.tex (French): 8bit encoded legacy file using package `engpron` together with `clefval`. * **example-utf8.pdf** from example-utf8.tex with pdflatex. The source can also be processed with lualatex and xelatex. The then created pdf-s will contain an additionnal text for pdflatex cannot by default process a key written in cyrillic alphabet. ## History Version 0.1 — 2020-07-27 — adapted to utf-8 encoded source Version 0 — 2004-05-22 — first public version