Package dblfont
This is version 2.2, last revised 1997/12/13; documentation date 2005/04/09.

Author: F. Bosisio
CTAN location: macros/latex/contrib/bosisio


Documentation for the package dblfont.

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This package provides the font ``\DblFont'' (font msbm10), which corresponds to the so called blackdoard-bold symbols.

The options

For each uppercase letter ``X'' a corresponding ``X'' and ``XX'' options exist: they declare the commands ``\X'' and ``\XX'' respectively, which both generate the letter X in DblFont.
If a command named ``\X'' or ``\XX'' already exists in LaTeX, its definition is first saved in ``\BackDoubleX'' or ``\BackDoubleXX'' respectively.

Also a ``RT'' option exists: it declares the ``\RT'' command, which generates the two letters RT in DblFont (useful for the Raviart-Thomas spaces).

F. Bosisio