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BIThesis is an unofficial LaTeX template set for your **bachelor graduation thesis** and corresponding reports here at BIT. Hand-crafted following the specifications made by the _[Dept. of Undergraduate Academic Affairs]( of _[Beijing Institute of Technology](http:// > This project is supported by the _[Dept. of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, BIT]( and the _[School of Computer Science and Technology, BIT]( See [Acknowledgements - Official Sponsors](

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- [How do I use BIThesis?](#how-do-i-use-bithesis) - [Detailed online Wiki](#detailed-online-wiki) - [PDF handbook](#pdf-handbook) - [Online Video Tutorials](#online-video-tutorials) - [Contributing](#contributing) - [Contributors](#contributors) - [Similar Projects](#similar-projects) - [Release status](#release-status) ## How do I use BIThesis? ### Detailed online Wiki **For a comprehensive guide on how to install LaTeX, compile BIThesis, and use a single one of BIThesis' template, please refer to BIThesis' Wiki. 👇** [![BIThesis Wiki](]( Specifically, detailed guides on how to use a single one of the templates are available at: - [BIThesis Wiki: Proposal report]( - [BIThesis Wiki: Graduation thesis]( - [BIThesis Wiki: Lab report]( ### PDF handbook We also provide a PDF handbook on how to use BIThesis. You can download the PDF version of the BIThesis handbook here: [`bithesis-documentation.pdf`]( ### Online Video Tutorials You can watch online video tutorials here: - Bilibili: [BIThesis —— 教你优雅地撰写论文 | LaTeX 毕设模板系列教程]( - BIThesis documentation videos (including some code which are referenced in the videos): [BIThesis - Videos]( ## Contributing For details, please see the [contributing doc](./ ## Contributors For more information, please see: [Github Contributors]( and [Acknowledgements]( ## Similar Projects - [北京理工大学硕士(博士)学位论文 LaTeX 模板]( - [fduthesis(复旦大学论文模板)]( - [上海交通大学 XeLaTeX 学位论文及课程论文模板]( - …… ## Release status | CI | Build status | | :------------- | :---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | GitHub Release | ![GitHub Release]( | | Netlify Deploy | [![Netlify Status](]( | --- 📖 **BIThesis** ©Spencer Woo. Released under the [LaTeX Project Public License](LICENSE). Authored by Spencer Woo. Maintained with help from [contributors](