Source: footnotehyper.dtx (v1.1 2018/01/23) Author: Jean-Francois Burnol Info: hyperref aware footnote.sty License: LPPL 1.3c Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Jean-Francois Burnol . ABSTRACT ======== The `footnote` package by Mark Wooding (`1997/01/28` `1.13`) allows to gather footnotes (`\begin{savenotes}`) and later insert them (after `\end{savenotes}`) at the bottom of the page, even if the intervening material consists of tabulars, minipages or framed contents for example. One can also use the `\savenotes/\spewnotes` syntax. Also, `footnote.sty` provides a `footnote` environment which allows to insert verbatim material. Earlier releases of the present `footnotehyper` package added patches for `hyperref` compatibility and some bugfixes, addressing in particular the incompatibility with `color/xcolor`, and with `babel-frenchb`, and also fixing the `footnote` environment with optional argument `[NUM]`. Since `v0.99` all macros are defined internally and the `footnote` package is not loaded at all. The same user interface is kept. Since `v1.0` it is possible to use `footnotehyper` also in absence of `hyperref` or when the latter is loaded with its `hyperfootnotes=false` option. The order of loading of `footnotehyper` and `hyperref` is inconsequential. INSTALLATION ============ To extract the package (.sty) and driver (.tex) files from footnotehyper.dtx: - if footnotehyper.ins is present: etex footnotehyper.ins - without footnotehyper.ins: etex footnotehyper.dtx - or run latex or pdflatex directly on footnotehyper.dtx At least three ways to produce footnotehyper.pdf (method (1) is preferred): 1. latex footnotehyper.tex (twice), then dvipdfmx 2. pdflatex footnotehyper.dtx (twice) 3. latex footnotehyper.dtx (twice), then dvips, then ps2pdf Method (1) produces the smallest pdf files. Options can be set in footnotehyper.tex: - scrdoc class options (paper size, font size, ...) - with or without source code, - with dvipdfmx or with latex+dvips or pdflatex. Installation: footnotehyper.sty -> TDS:tex/latex/footnotehyper/footnotehyper.sty footnotehyper.dtx -> TDS:source/latex/footnotehyper/footnotehyper.dtx footnotehyper.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/footnotehyper/footnotehyper.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/footnotehyper/ The other files may be discarded. LICENSE ======= This Work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c. This version of this license is in: > and the latest version of this license is in: > Version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later. The Author of this Work is: - Jean-Francois Burnol `` This Work consists of the main source file footnotehyper.dtx and the derived files footnotehyper.sty, footnotehyper.ins, footnotehyper.tex, footnotehyper.pdf, footnotehyper.dvi.