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Macros for managing large font collections

  • Mapping from long names of fonts to the metric file name. The user can specify only exact long names in documents.
  • Support for many font encodings.
  • Printing of catalogues of fonts and test samples of font families; the interactive macro \showfonts shows all font families you have installed via OFS.
  • The user interface is the same for Plain TeX and for LaTeX, but the implementation differs: the LaTeX variant of OFS uses NFSS, but the Plain variant implements its own font management (which may even be better than NFSS)
  • Support for math fonts including TX fonts.

See also plnfss font-selection fontch.

The author is Petr Olšák.

License: knuth Version dated: 2004-05-31 Catalogued: 2017-04-18