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Mathematical tools to use with amsmath

  • Extensible symbols, such as brackets, arrows, harpoons, etc.;
  • Various symbols such as \coloneqq (:=);
  • Easy creation of new tag forms;
  • Showing equation numbers only for referenced equations;
  • Extensible arrows, harpoons and hookarrows;
  • Starred versions of the amsmath matrix environments for specifying the column alignment;
  • More building blocks: multlined, cases-like environments, new gathered environments;
  • Maths versions of \makebox, \llap, \rlap etc.;
  • Cramped math styles; and more...

See also mhsetup empheq.

The authors are Morten Høgholm, Lars Madsen, Will Robertson and Joseph Wright. The package is Copyright © 2004-2011 Morten Høgholm, © 2012- Lars Madsen.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 1.21, dated: 2018-01-08 Catalogued: 2018-01-08