# authorarchive > A LaTeX style for producing author self-archiving copies of > (academic) papers. - [authorarchive](#authorarchive) - [Installation](#installation) - [Usage](#usage) - [Boolean Switches](#boolean-switches) - [Key/Value Options](#key-value-options) - [Embedding Bibliography Entries](#embedding-bibliography-entries) - [Notes on Self-Archiving](#notes-on-self-archiving) - [LNCS](#lncs) - [Usage at arXiv.org](#usage-at-arxivorg) - [Other publishers](#other-publishers) - [Alternative Packages](#alternative-packages) - [Authors](#authors) - [Contributors](#contributors) - [License](#license) - [Master Repository](#master-repository) ## Installation Copy `authorarchive.sty` and the directory `icons` in a directory that is searched by LaTeX (e.g., either your `texmf` tree or the local directory with your main LaTeX file). ## Usage A simple use for LNCS-formatted papers is as follows: ```tex \usepackage[LNCS, key=brucker-authorarchive-2016, year=2016, publication={Anonymous et al.\ (eds). Proceedings of the International Conference on LaTeX-Hacks, LNCS~42. Some Publisher} startpage={42}, doi={00/00_00}, doiText={0/00\_00}, nocopyright ]{authorarchive} ``` The following layout-styles are pre-defined: - `ACM` for the two-column layout used by many ACM conferences - `ENTCS` for the Elsevier ENTCS layout - `IEEE` for the two-column layout used by many IEEE conferences - `LNCS` for the LNCS layout (as used by Springer) - `LNI` for the Lecture Notes in Informatics, published by the GI By re-defining the font command (`authorcrfont{}`) and the command that is used for positioning the copyright text (`\authorat{}`), the package can be adapted easily to other layouts. For example, ```tex \renewcommand{\authorcrfont}{\scriptsize} \renewcommand{\authorat}[1]{\put(25,56.5){#1}} ``` works nicely for Acta Informatica. ### Boolean Switches | Switch | Meaning | | -- | -- | | `nocopyright` | If present, no publisher's copyright notice is printed. Usual case for LNCS. | | `nourl` | If present, no link to the publication is inserted. | | `nobib` | If present, no embedding of bibliographic entries is made. | | `orcidicon` | For layouts displaying the author's ORCID identifiers as text, replace the ORCID identifier by the ORICD iD icon and a hyperlink (currently only supported for LNCS). | ### Key/Value Options | Option | Default | Meaning | | -- | -- | -- | | `bibtexdir`| `.` | The directory where the bibliography entries are listed. | | `baseurl` | | The URL used as prefix for building the links. | | `suffix` | `.pdf` | The suffix to use at links. | | `publisher` | `UNKOWN PUBLISHER` | The name of the publisher. Default values are set by the series (`LNCS`, ...). | | `year` | `UNKOWN YEAR` | The year of the publication. | | `key` | empty | The basename of the filename. Used also to generate links. | | `doi` | empty | The DOI of the publication. Used to generate the DOI link. | | `doiText` | The value of `doi` | In case a DOI contains underscores, the displayed text differs from the DOI. | | `publisherurl` | empty | In case no DOI is provided, one can provide a link to the publisher. | | `startpage` | 1 | The pagenumber of the first page of the paper. | | `publication` | `UNKNOWN PUBLICATION` | Information on the publication. | The package also defines a command `\authorsetup{}` which allows to define key value options dynamically. Moreover, if a file `authorarchive.config` exists in the LaTeX search path, it will be loaded automatically. This allows for configuring defaults (e.g., the baseurl) easily. ## Embedding Bibliography Entries Mostly, it is hard for scientists to find the correct bibtex entry for a paper. One solution to this issue is to embed the respective `.bib` (BibTeX, for LaTeX users), `.enw` (Endnote), `.ris`, or `.word.xml` (Word 2007 or later) file in the PDF directly. In case any of these file exist in `bibtexdir`, it gets embedded in the PDF. You can use the [bibutils](https://sourceforge.net/p/bibutils/home/Bibutils/) for converting between these different formats for bibliographic references easily. ## Notes on Self-Archiving Before using this package, please check with your signed copyright form, which rights you have. Especially whether you may self-archive the preprint or the postprint. For more information on that, read on at . None of the authors might be hold liable for copyright violations by using this package. ### LNCS Sprinter states in his [Springer's Consent to Publish v3](http://resource-cms.springer.com/springer-cms/rest/v1/content/731196/data/v3): > Author may only post his/her own version, provided acknowledgment is given > to the original source of publication and a link is inserted to the published > article on Springer’s website. > The link must be provided by inserting the DOI number of the article in the > following sentence: > "The final publication is available at Springer via > `http://dx.doi.org/[insert DOI]`". The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) can be found at the bottom of the first page of the published paper. This package uses `https://doi.org` as `http://dx.doi.org` [is deprecated](https://www.doi.org/factsheets/DOIIdentifierSpecs.html). Thus, the proposed configuration for Springer is as follows: ```latex \usepackage[LNCS, key=brucker-authorarchive-2016, year=2016, publication={Anonymous et al.\ (eds). Proceedings of the International Conference on LaTeX-Hacks, LNCS~42. Springer, 2016.} startpage={42}, doi={10.1038/authorarchive}, nocopyright ]{authorarchive} ``` ## Usage at arXiv.org arXiv.org deletes bib files when submitting a pre print. As workaround, this package supports using the file suffix `.bibtex`. When no `.bib` is found, but a `.bibtex` file, this file is used and embedded as `.bib` file into the PDF. ## Other publishers In general, one does not need to specify a certain publisher (or LaTeX document class). The default setting just prints the note centered at the bottom of the first page. ```latex \usepackage[ key=brucker-authorarchive-2017, year=2017, publication={Anonymous et al.\ (eds). Proceedings of the International Conference on LaTeX-Hacks, CEUR-WS Vol~42, 2017.} startpage={42}, doi={10.1039/authorarchive}, nocopyright ]{authorarchive} ``` Still, for some used document classes (e.g., `acmart`) there are specific package options available hat produce an alternative layout. ## Alternative Packages The package [coverpage](https://ctan.org/pkg/coverpage) prepends a separate PDF page before the first page of the paper. That page contains the bibliographic information as BibTeX entry. One is forced to have a `.bib` file ready and multiple institutions are not well supported. With `authorarchive`, the information is printed at the bottom of the first page of the paper and required links to the publisher are generated. The package [llncsconf](https://ctan.org/pkg/llncsconf) is a light-weight alternative to this package. It supports [LNCS](http://www.springer.com/de/it-informatik/lncs) only. In comparison to `authorarchive`, it provides support for the additional publication states "intended-to-submit" and "submitted", but no QR code and links to the author's archive URL. ## Authors Main author: [Achim D. Brucker](http://www.brucker.ch/) ### Contributors - [Oliver Kopp](https://github.com/koppor/) ## License If not otherwise stated, all sub-projects are dual-licensed under a 2-clause BSD-style license and/or the LPPL version 1.3c or (at your opinion) any later version. SPDX-License-Identifier: LPPL-1.3c+ OR BSD-2-Clause ## Master Repository The master git repository for this project is hosted by the [Software Assurance & Security Research Team](https://logicalhacking.com) at .